A great gaming mouse needs to be many things, and Roccat’s sleek new Burst Pro aims to deliver them all in one affordable package.

For starters, if you’re in the heat of competition you don’t want to be dragging a heavy mouse about. You want quick response from a reactive unit, and while no lightweight in performance, at just 68g the Burst Pro is certainly anything but heavy.

It’s apparent as soon as you lay your hand down upon it and have a bit of a move about. The Burst Pro glides across a mousepad – helped by the heat-treated pure PTFE glides on its bottom. Roccat claim that these are a gaming first, and are ”pre-tuned so you get incredible glide and smooth mouse movements right out of the box”. After extensive use, we have no reason to argue. Roccat even thoughtfully supply a spare set should the rigours of competition ever cause the installed ones to wear.

While we’re kind of on the subject of light, the Burst Pro also features Roccat’s AIMO lighting. They’ve cleverly designed a shell with a honeycomb pattern that lets this colour cycling light through, while keeping a smooth surface on which your palm rests – there are no holes to gather dust and assorted hand crud like some of its competitors.

Roccat Burst Pro

All the sleekness and lightness in the world can be to no avail if a mouse doesn’t sit comfortably under your hand. While some mice demand that you curl your hand over them, with the Roccat Burst Pro your hand is quite flat, with pointer and middle fingers landing right where you want them on the left and right buttons, and perfect access to the wheel. The thumb also falls in place to stab at the two side buttons when needed. Lefties can also rejoice, as – save for those side buttons – this is an ambidextrous design.

Speaking of the mouse buttons, the optical switches used in the Burst Pro are super-responsive, and make very satisying click sounds. Roccat promise a life of some 100 million clicks – we must apologise, but we didn’t have time to test the veracity of this claim…

As for the cable, Roccat’s ”PhantomFlex” is a soft material affair that didn’t get in our way, although you may want to add some form of management such as a bungee for more heated competition.

While it works right out of the box – simply plug and play – Roccat’s Swarm software allows further control over the Burst Pro’s functionalities, such as scroll speed, pointer speed, button assignments, DPI and RGB.

In all, we found the Roccat Burst Pro to be a very impressive mouse, with the quality of both build and useability belying its super-competitive price tag.

The Roccat Burst Pro gaming mouse is available now at JB Hi-Fi, in black or white.

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