It can be brain-boggling the amount of bells and whistles that you can get on headsets nowadays, so is Roccat’s “keep it simple” approach with the Elo X a good one?

Instead of adding everything just short of the kitchen sink to the Elo X, Roccat have concentrated on nailing the basics, and nailing them well.

To this end we get a good looking and sturdy metal-banded headset, offering pure stereo audio and compatibility with basically anything that possesses a 3.5mm jack. Nice and simple.

Need a microphone for gaming? That’s a part of the package too, and it can be removed when not in use, rather than just folding upwards or bending to the side. Less stares on the train is a good thing! In use, we found it convenient to use, and those listening to us were happy with what was hitting their ears.

Roccat Elo X


Comfort-wise, the Elo X belies it’s affordable pricing. The headband self-adjusts to sit just right, and is very comfortable – even after a few hours of extended play. The same goes for the earcups, which are made from leatherette covered memory foam. They found their comfy groove on our head very quickly, and allowed for our glasses better than some more expensive headsets that we’ve tried.

Looking good, feeling good, but how about the sound? If you’re after crazy surround explosions comign at your head from all angles then obviously a stereo headset isn’t going to cut it for you. If you’re after good, pure, unadulterated sound though, the Elo X came up trumps. We tried various styles of game out with them, and all delivered impressive bass response and snappy audio generally. For the music test we couldn’t help ourselves and popped on the other ELO’s Mr Blue Sky, and its fab wannabe Beatles mixing was a joy to be in the midst of.

If you’re after simple, affordable and super compatible without sacrificing quality, and with no software to faff about with, then the Roccat Elo X is a serious contender for best gaming headset under $100.

The Roccat Elo X stereo gaming headset is available now.

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