To some, a keyboard is just something to type stuff on. But to others, it’s also a style statement, and the Roccat Magma certainly delivers in that department – and at a very reasonable price, too.

What first strikes you about the Magma upon plugging it in is the way it delivers RGB colour. The entire faceplate of the keyboard is one big colour-fest, and it’s very striking – those after subtlety need not apply.There are four levels of brightness, and if it’s all a bit too much at any time the lighting can be completely turned off.

Via 10 discrete LEDs there’s the standard RGB option of 16.8 million colours, spread across five zones, with easily accessible built-in scenarios. All of the functions on each keycap are all transparent, too, so the lighting shows through them – perfect for clacking away in darkened rooms. If you have more than one RGB-equipped Roccat device you can sync everything easily up for a light show that would make Hong Kong envious… Well, it looks pretty cool.

Roccat Magma

Being a membrane keyboard, the Magma is also whisper quiet in operation – great if you have housemates who want to sleep while you game on. Our daily driver is a clacktastic monster of a mechanical keyboard, yet we had no issues changing gear to the different style, finding both accurate data entry (well, as accurate as our actual typing is) as well as that all-important gaming reliability. That would be the promised anti-ghosting functionality at work.

Roccat’s free – and easy to get going – Swarm software allows further tweaking, from basic functionalities to varying lighting effects and more, while a handy ‘Game Mode’ key allows easy switching off of keys that can get in the way when gaming, in particular the caps lock. The ability to add a secondary function to certain keys is a welcome one, while handy media control functionality is also a nice inclusion, via some of the function keys.

A nice touch – and one that you don’t always get even in more expensive keyboard options – is the inclusion of a detachable wrist rest. It’s made of hard plastic, so isn’t the gentlest on sensitive palms, but others may be less fussy and just enjoy the feature for the thoughtful bonus that it is. Fold-out legs on the underside of the Magma allow for setting it at different angles, while thought has also been put into the USB connecting cable, with it measuring a generous 1.8 metres.

An entry level gaming keyboard that offers more than a little specialness, the Roccat Magma is a great option for those wanting that bit extra at a welcoming price.

The Roccat Magma Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard is available now, exclusively at JB Hi-Fi.

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