If you’re lucky enough to have already nabbed an Xbox Series X or S, you’ve probably also discovered that games fill their internal storage up quickly. Help us, Seagate!

Help us they do, by expanding the internal storage of either machine by 920GB of useable space with the Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S. When you consider that the Series X only delivers 802GB of accessible storage out of the box, and the download-only Series S a mere 364GB, then this device really adds some serious storage.

The fairly large box of Seagate’s Storage Expansion card belies what it contains, for the device itself is quite small – around the size of 4 average USB sticks if you sticky-taped them together. It also comes with a handy protective lid if you wish to take it with you to plug-and-play your games on somebody’s else’s new Xbox.

We’re often fed lines like, “Installation couldn’t be simpler,” only to be left faffing about for ages trying to get something working. When we say it here though we really do mean it. The whole process from start to finish? Unpack the Expansion Card, take off the lid, make sure your Xbox Series X or S is turned off, push the Expansion Card into the special slot for it on the back of your unit, then turn your Xbox back on. Pop into Settings/Storage and you’ll see that you’ve more than doubled your storage on a Series X, or almost quadrupled it on a Series S.

Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card

But why would you need the Seagate Storage Expansion Card when you can use a cheaper USB hard drive? You can’t save dedicated Series X|S games off to such a drive, only backwards compatible titles for Xbox One, 360 or the OG model, as they require speed that’s equal to that of the internal SSD drive, and that’s what the Expansion Card, developed in conjunction with Microsoft, offers.

At first thought something that expands storage may not sound like a particularly glamorous must-have peripheral, but once you try to install more than a handful of games and have run out of space then you may find the Seagate Expansion Card the best thing that you could ever have invested in for your fabulous new Xbox. It’s one slick piece of kit.

The Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card is available now.

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