Seagate are renowned in the storage industry, and their latest Firecuda gaming drives up the ante by adding RGB lighting to their already impressive kit.

First up, we’re looking at their big kahuna, the Firecude Gaming Hub with a whopperous 8TB drive inside.

Open the box and the reassuringly solid main unit is first to be found, safely encased in strong cardboard supporting blocks, while underneath there’s a small manual, sticker sheet, USB cable, power brick and six different power plug adaptors – we reckon you’d be able to find an outlet on Mars that’d fit one of them!

Setup is just as easy as any hard drive – plug the USB 3.2 compatible cable into your computer (or console), plug the power adaptor in, turn it on and wait for the host to recognise it. For the basics, that’s it.

Unlike some RGB-equipped products that look akin to the innards of a disco, Seagate have employed some stylish subtlety with the Firecuda Gaming Hub by putting a simple but effective strip along the bottom of the front panel. If you wish to play with the RGB lighting, there’s a handy Windows or Mac Toolkit app that offers adjustments to static colour, or a variety of animations ranging from “breathing” to the classic cycling rainbow effect. A neat feature is that if you have Razer devices doing their RGB thing through Razer Chroma, and have all your lighting sync up.

The ‘Hub’ in the title is a dead giveaway that this is more than just a device allowing massive storage. On the front left there are two ports, one USB-C, and one USB-A, perfect for charging something, or for connecting more peripherals in daisychain style.

In operation, most pleasingly the Firecuda Gaming Hub just works. File transfer is snappy for old school hard drive technology, as a fan whirs away merrily – but not too loudly – to ensure that there are no overheating issues.

Seagate Firecuda

If you like the concept, but want to go portable, most of the features of the Firecuda Gaming Hub come in the physically much smaller Firecuda Portable Hard Drive (pictured just above). Available in big 2TB or huge 5TB flavours, they eschew the hub functionality of their big sibling, but also don’t require separate power, as they get juiced via a USB port. This delivers the portability that so many crave – just pop the drive into a pocket or bag and be on your way. Or, place it neatly beside or atop your console (you wouldn’t want to hide that nice lighting!) and know that you’ve got plenty of extra storage space at the ready.

The Seagate Firecuda Gaming Hub 8TB desktop and both the 2TB and 5TB Seagate Firecuda Portable Gaming Hard Drives are available now at JB Hi-Fi.

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