SteelSeries have a lot of runs on the board when it comes to great gaming mice, and their latest, the Rival 5, aims to out-perform them all.

Whether your poison is FPS, MOBA, battle royale or basically anything else, the feature-packed Rival 5 promises to be up to the task.

Upon unboxing, the first thing that strikes you about the Rival 5 is its weight – or lack thereof. Made of ABS plastic, this thing is crazy-light, tipping the scales at a mere 85 grams. All in a mouse that, once plugged in, shows off quite wild cycling RBG lighting with two strips and the funky SteelSeries logo all bringing the colour. The soft microfibre mesh cable is a nice touch, too, designed to limit drag.

Speaking of plugging in, in our case to a Windows system, it was a case of “BAM!” – it worked in seconds. Just what you want in a new device, a complete lack of faffing about.

SteelSeries Rival 5

Getting the feel of the Rival 5 doesn’t take long. It’s a nicely ergonomic shape that isn’t too flat, so those whose hands have been around the block a few times shouldn’t find extended use at all painful. Lefties need not apply though (unless they have an incredibly dextrous little finger), as the majority of the nine programmable hotkey buttons – five of them – are on the left side of the Rival 5. These take the forms of two quite standard thumb buttons, a silver one towards the cable end, and an up/down toggle switch. The latter can be very handy for programming functionalities such as gear changes or zooming in and out, but can be a little awkward to get used to.

The key to getting the buttons to do just what you want is the updated SteelSeries Engine software, now known as GG. From setting up and saving profiles to changing DPI levels to fiddling with the 10 zones of 16.8 million colours RGB lighting, it’s pleasingly easy to use. It also allows easy syncing with other SteelSeries products.

Under the hood, we’re promised an 80 million click lifespan from dust and water-resistant golden switches, and a lack of hair-tearing double clicks. A proprietary ‘TrueMove Air Sensor’ delivers precise one-to-one tracking, which it’s claimed provides three times better accuracy than competitors. We can’t vouch for that exactly, but we certainly had no accuracy issues whatsoever in the heat of battle (other than those due to our own inadequacies).

More than able with everything that we threw at it, ultimately the SteelSeries Rival 5 is a comfortable and well-appointed gaming mouse that performs flawlessly, and comes at a price that doesn’t make the eyes water.

The SteelSeries Rival 5 gaming mouse is available now at JB Hi-Fi.

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