Pokémon SwordMost game reviews are written by adults – possibly because so many games are adult-skewed. However, Pokémon transcends age boundaries and is worshipped by kids as much as older types – likely even more. So, rather than giving yet another grownup’s view on the game, we got a Poké-worshipping kid who we had handy to give his own thoughts on the newly-released Pokémon Sword. – the first review of anything that he’s ever written.

Words: James Sanders, age 8 (with a little bit of Amy Flower, older than that.)

“I think Nintendo have done a really good job on Pokémon Sword. I think it was a really good idea to do Pokémon Sword. I am going to talk about only Pokémon Sword because I haven’t played Pokémon Shield. I would recommend Pokémon Sword 4.5 stars, but I think there is too much talking in the game.

“You can catch and defeat Pokémon. Sometimes when you try to do an attack, they are very weak and sometimes when you try to do an attack it does not work. I think the game is also good because you get items to defeat gym leaders. I think the game is great and challenging at the same time. There are also a lot of places to explore and lots of stuff to do. If I had the game, I would not sell it.

“You also go camping in the game. You can play with and cook for the Pokémon. If you press Y you can trade with people if you’re online. If you press X you can teleport to some places. You can also get presents with the X button. There is a mystery at the start. If you try to save a Pokémon called Wooloo, after you defeat a whole bunch of Pokémon at the end there is an unknown Pokémon with unknown attacks and unknown health when you try to attack it. The air gets foggier and foggier.”

Pokémon Sword

OK, we may be bursting at the seams with Aunty pride, but James came up with all of that completely by himself after an intensive play of the game over an entire weekend – and he also studiously sat at the computer and typed it himself (save for a bit of punctuation). It really is hard not to be proud of the little guy!

Sure, it isn’t as in-depth a review as many may like, and may not go into all the politics regarding such hot-button topics as there being less creatures and occasionally wonky graphics, but it represents what an eight year old Pokémon fan – an important demographic for such a game that doesn’t often get much of a voice on such matters – got from the game, and is just as valid as anybody else’s thoughts.

We’ll resume regularly scheduled review programming shortly – but we just may be calling on James again in future. Thanks kiddo!

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Sword are available now on Switch.star 4 and a half

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