Great fighters the Knights of the Iron Legion, the Samurai of the Dawn Empire and the Warborn Vikings have one thing in common – they’ve all gone soft!

War, of course, is big business, so the merciless leader of the Blackstone legions, Apollyon, takes it upon herself to pit the three factions against each other in order to inspire them to do what they do best once again – fight! Yes, it’s time to get your brawling wear on and make a lunge for your weapon of choice, as glorious medieval hack-and-slash hand-to-hand combat is the order of the For Honor day. Playing out much like a graphically supercharged 21st century remix of legendary arcade smash Gauntlet, each of the three factions has four different classes of warrior. Be it speedy but less damaging Assassins, the slow and steady Heavies, the well-balanced Vanguard or the more mysterious Hybrids, there’s something for everybody. This is also true of the game itself, for while the focus is more on multiplayer – several unique modes, multiplayer arenas, player customisation – there’s a strong single player campaign for those who just can’t face the online thing. We bags being the little Samurai guy who hasn’t done anything yet…

Platform: PS4 | XBO | PC
Release Date: February 14, 2017