lastguardian_bigRelease Date: 07/12/16

Platform: PS4

PlayStation’s history bulges with classic one-off experiences. But few come bulgier than PS2 game-changers Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Their father, Fumito Ueda, is scarcely prolific, but when he and his Team Ico start work on a new game, we pay attention – and we’ve now been doing so since 2007, when The Last Guardian was first mooted for PS3. With clear bloodlines to its predecessors, you control a young lad who befriends a giant griffin-like bird/mammal thingy named Trico. With guards hot on your tails, your aim is avoidance, utilising Trico’s size and other animalistic qualities to solve puzzles, while also caring for him like a pet. Prepare for feels…

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