When the original Mario Kart dropped for the Super Nintendo way back in olden times (well, in video game years), it blew our minds – in fact it remains an all-time fave to this day.

As that ‘8’ in the title there attests, Mario Kart has taken several forms over the years, but the core racing excitement remains a constant. The Switch is treated to an updated Wii U version, including all of its DLC and plenty of new stuff. Out on the road (in real life)? Hand one JoyCon to a friend and play split-screen anywhere you like (although ideally not on an actual road). Got a heap of Switch units in one place? Get down on the LAN party route with up to 12 players. Or play on the couch, battling others locally or online in the updated battle mode. Hold two power-ups at a time and flip between them, or get some assistance if you’re new to the world where Mario and karting collide. Choose your racer from 42 characters (or your Mii), including newcomers inkling girl and boy, tackle 48 courses, brave five speed levels. So many everything! So much ace! This really is the biggest, baddest Mario Kart yet. Let’s-a go!

Platform: SWITCH
Release Date: April 28, 2017

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