We were going to start this by getting all deep, down, dirty and analogous with Star Trek.

But The Simpsons did it… probably. Enough said that the Mass Effect series means a lot to many people, so some performance anxiety would have been experienced during production of this fourth iteration. Yet BioWare weren’t so frozen with fear as to not tweak that which they’d previously established. Andromeda takes a slightly lighter tone than the often heavy predecessors, embracing open world elements – and more mobile combat – in the name of exploration. The story? Well, it’s the year 2185. You step into the shoes of either Sara or Scott Ryder, green recruits to the Andromeda Initiative. Their goal? To boldly g- uh, to venture forth into uncharted reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy in order to find new places for humanity to set up shop. New worlds will be found, new species will be encountered and new weaponry will be utilised, as the path of a pathfinder rarely runs smoothly. While the tone may have been tweaked, Andromeda still delivers a captivating mix of third-person shooter, storytelling and deep RPG strategy, as you prep your squad for every new encounter – all with the aim of allowing humanity to live long and… aww, you know the rest.

Platform: PS4 | XBO | PC
Release Date: March23, 2017

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