persona 5Enjoy this trip… and it is a trip. If you’re scratching your head at this juncture, you’ve obviously never had the distinct pleasure that is a Persona game.

It’s a Japanese role-playing series, but if that conjures visions of wide open plains with sword-schlepping warriors then you’re in for a bigger surprise than if you lobbed upon the teddy bears’ picnic. This psychedelic social sim-infused JRPG adventure with turn-based bits (pause for breath) takes place in Tokyo. You’re a very silent type who saved a woman from molestation. Normally this would be applauded, but the assailant was a powerful politician who weaselled out of being charged. Instead you’re put on probation, expelled from your school and sent to Tokyo’s Shujin High School. It’s here that you and newfound friends gradually get to grips with your Persona powers – which are manifestations of your inner psyches. As a group calling yourselves the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, you get your vigilante on and hit the supernatural realm to remove evil and corruption from the palaces of adults (which would be their hearts). Hey, we told you this was a trip! A truly emotional experience that’s designed to embrace fans but also welcome newcomers, there’s nothing quite like Persona.

Platform: PS4
Release Date: April 4, 2017