US beat poet Allen Ginsberg once claimed that war is good business.

As Ubisoft roll out their tenth Ghost Recon third-person shooter we doubt that they’d disagree. Wildlands isn’t just the same old scene with a new coat of pixels, though. It sees a breaking away from on-rails play to an open world environment – and what an environment it is! We head to South America – more specifically Bolivia – with terrain ranging from salt flats to mountains to forests, complete with a dynamic weather system. There’s little of that futuristic pie in the sky tech this time, either.

It’s set pretty much in the now, so the weapons are real, the people are rea- uh, no, they’re fictional. Sorry, we had a Judge Judy flashback – damn this war! Where were we? Oh yeah, there’s some experimental tech to play with, in particular, drones which help you to tag and bag enemies. Also new to the series is side missions, while main missions can be undertaken in several ways, and you can even form relationships with locals – good or bad. Speaking of which, up to four players can hit the ground in co-op.

Then there’s the incredible soundtrack from QOTSA guy Alain Johannes. Wildlands really is a revolution for the Ghost Recon series. Come get some of Bolivia’s finest!

Platform: PS4 | XBO | PC
Release Date: March 7, 2017

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