C90 cassettes, 20 cent piece thievery, and an eye for radical cover art… how do you know you’re an older gamer?

We’re a cynical bunch, us older gamers. You’ll often find us scowling at youthful players who possess those razor sharp reflexes we once teased our own parents with. We’ll complain incessantly about the lack of respect in the multiplayer arena, roll our eyes at conversations between younger gamers about titles that influenced them growing up (which are only ten years old), and then bore the same younger gamers with stories of how we’ve “seen it all before”. Yes, we’re the campaigners; the pathfinders who helped shape the video game industry. You young ‘uns have never had it so good.

You know you’re an older gamer when…

… You can remember how you marvelled at Pong on Atari 2600. And then played it on a      black and white portable TV.

… In school, you made a healthy profit from selling video games… on a C90 audio cassette.

… After picking up your favourite games mag, you would sit patiently entering pages of code only to play a terrible version of Asteroids.

… On more than one occasion you had a fistfight in a chip shop because someone stole your spot in the queue to play Dragon’s Lair.

… You saw things in a video game arcade that no 12-year-old should ever see.

… The message ‘R-Tape loading error, 0:1’ would fill you with dread and/or rage.

… While you hate to admit it, your reaction speed is definitely on the wane.

… You adamantly refuse to play online these days – because you rarely win.

… Any gaming session that lasts for more than 40 minutes now has to be punctuated by a series of stretches.

… Choosing between feeding your children or playing that one extra level is a real predicament.

… Young gamers eye you suspiciously when you display an intricate knowledge of video games.

… You used to buy video games in the ’80s based entirely on the cover art.

… You regularly complain that games these days are easier.

… Conversely, your tolerance for harder games has definitely decreased.

… You were caught stealing 20 cent pieces from your mother’s purse.

… Finding time to play a game has become a challenge worthy of Battle Toads.

All you curmudgeonly veteran players – have we missed anything?

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