Gaming keyboards are a little like cars. You can go for something cheap and basic that’ll get the job done at a push, or you can spend a bit more and get all the bells and whistles. Introducing the Ferrari of keyboards, Corsair’s K95 RGB Platinum.

What’s so impressive about it, then? Well, for starters the K95 is seriously built to last, featuring an aircraft-grade anodised aluminium frame. This not only means durability, but it also lends the K95 enough heft to allow it to sit in place on your desk, while not crushing your legs should you go for lap-based play.

Another point of strength is in the K95’s use of German engineered, gold contact Cherry MX mechanical switches for each key. Continuing our sportscar analogy, these babies are built for speed, with super-responsive 1.2mm actuation for those all-important rapid-fire requirements.

“Continuing our sportscar analogy, these babies are built for speed…”

Beyond just being dependable, each key on the K95 features individually adjustable dynamic multicolour RGB backlighting via Corsair’s handy included software, CUE. Choose any of some 16.8 million colours, and even alter the intensity of each key’s lighting. This feature allows everything from the creation of customisable key templates for various games or other applications, right through to just making amazing-looking light shows. When going for the latter, the 19-segment top edge light bar adds immeasurably to the wow factor.

As well as saving lighting setups internally so that you can take them anywhere that you go with your keyboard, the K95 also allows the creation of simple or complex keypress macros, with the unit boasting 8MB of dedicated storage. There are six keys designed especially for these macros down the left of the K95, which are textured for easy access, but contoured in order to avoid accidental keypresses.

When you adopt a top end keyboard, you also want some of the little things that make the experience sweeter. To this end, the K95 offers everything from an extra USB port and cable management channels, through to a Windows key lock and a detachable, dual-sided wrist rest to aid your comfort when playing to win, or just trying to get your work done. Then there’s the dedicated volume wheel, which is accompanied by a selection of easy-access multimedia controls.

So, why just get by driving a clunker when, for a little extra outlay, you can get busy with a top of the line model? Once you’ve tried the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, you’ll find it hard to go back to anything else. But then, why would you?

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