Was it worth waiting an hour for? You bet.

With an additional 15,000 people in attendance at E3 this year, the Los Angeles Convention Center has never felt so small. Thankfully, Activision gave us the opportunity to go hands-on with Destiny 2 and CoD: WWII once the show floor had closed for the day.

First up was Call of Duty: World War II. There’s been a lot of criticism around the CoD brand following last year’s poorly-received Infinite Warfare, so all eyes are on Sledgehammer Games’ WWII and many here, including us, were interested to see if the studio had delivered a quality product.

Of course we were only privy to three different multiplayer modes (it was only supposed to be one, but no one told us to move, so we didn’t). The first was a 6v6 mode set around the ruins of Point Du Hoc, the gun emplacements famously taken by US Rangers during the Normandy invasion.

There has been a call to return the series to its roots, and we’re happy to report it has proven to be a good move. WWII is the whole package: quality visuals, compelling gameplay and weapons audio that will leave your ears ringing for an hour afterwards.

A second mode, no longer at Point Du Hoc, but somewhere in Europe, tasked players with the job of defending a position against the opposition. Once this was completed, the invading force had to battle up to a river crossing and trade fire with the enemy while a bridge was constructed.

If you saw the gameplay demo at the PlayStation press briefing it will give you a good indication of what you can expect in the game; the action is relentless. It’s only a brief look at WWII, but this is definitely a game you’ll want to be adding to your Christmas wish list this year.

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As for those Guardians eager to get a look in at what to expect from Destiny 2, you’re in for a treat. We played a few rounds of 4v4 multiplayer (which resulted in a 6-0 decimation on our behalf, mind you) and it’s just as fun and fast-paced as the first.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to select our character classes, so no Arcstrider Hunter for us to try out, but the game was nonetheless fun and we can’t wait to see what the new story setting will entail.

First-person shooter fans will have a lot to be grateful for when Activision drop these two titans later this year.

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