The team at developer Milestone are continuing to put out stronger performances year after year, and they’re kicking off the 2020 season with a pop as they hit with Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3.

On the back of a solid outing with their second Monster Energy Supercross game, we check out the third edition. Here are some of the things that have us super-excited…

– Bumping bars with the big boys, like Chad Reed, Jason Anderson or Justin Brayton, is an entirely immersive experience, and something that players can do without the risk of an urgent trip to the emergency ward. With the sound cranked up to 11, the only thing missing from the experience is the exhaust fumes.

– Let’s talk about handling. It’s clearly one of the single most important aspects of any racing game. While the basic settings here lean heavily into an arcade-styled racer, players will need to up their game the moment they turn off the safety settings, because they’ll be fighting through turns and juggling their bike through the whoops.

– Players can chuck in whips with much more control than in previous releases. The physics once the bike is off the ground both look great and feel much more solid. You won’t be winning any “Biggest Whip” contests any time soon, but the freestyle controls are a lot looser, which looks like a massive plus. Talented riders might even be able to chuck in a cheeky backflip if they hit the right line… Although hitting the doubles might be a stretch.

– Timing and rhythm, while not everything to the beginners, will mean precious seconds to the pros. Luckily players won’t have to deal with pesky rut issues, as with the MXGP series, as the bikes are a lot less stuck in the track. You’ll still get some cool dirt effects, especially hitting those hard turns and kicking up the back wheel, although it’s mostly for the awesome effect.

– Controller layouts are instinctive and deep. It’s a set-up that allows anyone to pick up Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 and start racing right away, and then offers more complexity for experienced riders to start knocking off seconds.

– Players are be able to jump on any race, as any rider, at any time. There’s access to the entire roster of riders from the 2020 season, making it an excellent way for fans to engage further with their favourite superstar. There’s also an option to create your own customised rider for those who like to carve their own ruts.

– Fans of the real-life action will appreciate the level of detail put into the tracks. Lifted straight out of the AMA Supercross series, the tracks are immediately recognisable, and players will be able to instantly jump in and carve up their favourite venues.

– The soundtrack is as loud and thumping as the visual effects. Milestone have done a great job in capturing the experience of being at a real Supercross event. Mind you, more serious riders will want to turn down the tunes to hear the sweet sounds of the bikes, especially when running through manual gear changes.

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Supercross has a language all of its own. A “whip” is when a rider will turn their bike’s handlebars one way while shifting their weight the other when they’re airborne in order to get their ride sideways, before correcting just in time to land.

Meanwhile, “whoops” doesn’t mean what you might think – the bad sort of stack (not the good sort that you’re reading!) – but instead are generally a series of small bumpy hills in succession that test a rider’s dexterity. Basically, it’s an abbreviation of “whoop-de-dos”.