HyperX has just introduced another new gaming headset to its catalogue – the CLOUD Revolver S.

Featuring Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound and USB connectivity, the CLOUD Revolver S (CRS) is a fairly standard headset. Compatible with Xbox One, PS4, PC, Wii U and Mobile, the CRS features a couple of different connectivity options: a single 3.5mm jack, a double 3.5mm jack (audio/voice), and USB. It features an in-line control on the USB connection that allows you to independently adjust headset and mic volume, as well as a handy mute button. Depending on your connection, though, you won’t have your in-line controls, so you might want to take into account your console of choice before committing to this.

The CRS is simple to look at; it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a pilot’s headset, but you’re not in bargain bin territory either.

Featuring 50mm drivers, the headset is on the bigger side (by no means a bad thing), and provides good quality surround sound. It’s also got a noise-cancelling mic, but it’s not very flexible as far as placing or movement is concerned. The headset itself also has no means of volume/mute control. Closed back provides good, locational sound, and the in-line controller features a choice of different profiles that can be programmed.

It’s plug and play, with no need to download software, and once you get used to not being able to control the volume on the unit itself, the CLOUD Revolver S is a reliable, elementary headset.

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