Need another mouse to go with your new HyperX keyboard? You’re in luck – the HyperX Pulsefire Surge is on its way.

The latest gaming mouse from HyperX, the PulseFire Surge, has a super low profile, and is on the smaller side as far as mice are concerned; if you’ve got small hands, this is the mouse for you.

This also means it’s super light, and is great for FPS games – especially for those with huge mousepads and super low sensitivity. There’s a DPS switch button on the top to cycle through a few different preset DPS profiles, and two additional buttons on the thumb side for a few macros.

The HyperX PulseFire Surge has full RGB-capable programmable lighting that can be customised – like the Alloy Elite RGB – through HyperX’s new Ngenuity software.

The beauty of HyperX’s latest mouse is its simplicity. It’s perfect for beginners, and a great entry-point mouse for people who are only just starting to get into PC gaming. It’s not as overwhelming and complex as some other mice on the market, and is small enough for anyone to be able to use.

Effective, versatile, and lightweight, the HyperX PulseFire Surge is a perfect example of how simple can sometimes be best. The company’s first RGB gaming mouse is a worthy entry into the market.

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