Summer is in full swing, and relaxation and sunny beaches are foremost in our minds. Many games have excelled at giving us chilled beachy experiences, so, here are ten of our fave seaside video game getaways…


Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube, 2002)

Ah, a vacation on the delightfully tropical Isle Delfino. Even if we had to spend some time sorting that Shadow Mario creep out while on holiday, we could deal.


Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast, 1998)

seaside video game getaways

Anything Mario can do, Sonic can do faster! Mind you, we’re not sure we’d want to spend our holidays running around at breakneck speed trying to bring down an egg-shaped fiend.


Windjammers (Arcade, 1994)

seaside video game getaways

Holidays aren’t totally about sitting on your bum doing nothing… only mostly. A spot of beach frisbee hurling? Cool , why not? We can work off that last daquiri.


Out Run (Arcade, 1986)

seaside video game getaways

“Driving around California’s beaches at really fast in a topless Ferrari? Gee you’re asking a bit much there,” is something that we’d never say. Cue ‘Magical Sound Shower’!


Super Mario Kart (Super Nintendo, 1992)

seaside video game getaways

Ah, Koopa Beach. Where the sand is sandy, the water’s watery, the crabs are crabby and the racing is super fun! Koopa was always our favourite, too. Well, along with Toad.


Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS2, 2001)

seaside video game getaways

After all the Uncharted adventures we know that Naughty Dog give good beach retreat – and this earlier work, Sentinel Beach, is as good as any. Hanging out with an ottsel could be a hoot, too.


Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii, 2010)

seaside video game getaways

Ooh, treasure! That’d be a nice bonus on a sunny getaway – as would the beautiful scenery. Whale spotting? A sunken galleon to explore? Seafood dinner? MMMmmm, and all in one screengrab!


Wave Race 64 (Nintendo 64, 1997)

seaside video game getaways

We’re feeling the need, the need for neoprene! We’d love to take to that super-realistic water (we know somebody who couldn’t play as it made them seasick), feel like a winner, winner then have a slap-up seafood dinner!


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube, 2003)

seaside video game getaways

Ah, island life! Puttering around from one to another in a little talking boat, we could handle a spot of big sister-saving adventure while chilling out. Although you can keep the dungeons.


Rime (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

seaside video game getaways

This is more like it, an idyllic island that’s just beachy and fu- what, more dungeons and puzzles? Seriously?! Well, we’ll do them if you give us some proper stress-free towel time afterwards, OK?


Do you have a favourite video game beach? Let us know!