Kirby is finally coming to the Switch! One of the earliest Nintendo platformers makes its way to the company’s newest console this month in Kirby Star Allies.

Kirby first appeared all the way back in 1992 in Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy, and since then, alongside Mario and Link, and has gone on to become one of Nintendo’s staple characters, and an instantly recognisable gaming icon.

It was only a matter of time, then, that Kirby would make his way to the Switch. Since we don’t yet have a Smash Bros. game on the new(ish) hardware (come on, Nintendo), a standalone Kirby game is the solution to a lack of pink cuteness.

Kirby Star Allies launches this month, and will let you, and up to three mates, work together to save Dream Land.

Kirby’s home has been invaded by Dark Hearts that have turned many evil, like the renowned King Dedede and Whispy Woods. Our Kirby must use these hearts to his advantage, throwing them at enemies to make allies out of them that can help him on his journey.

We recently played a short (less than 30 minute) demo of Kirby Star Allies, and it’s definitely the Kirby game the Switch needs right now, and one the whole family will love. The controls are straightforward and easy to grasp, and so simple that this will definitely become a must-have game for younger kids, as whoever is playing as Kirby has most of the control. The other players – or CPU if you don’t have four people – can help you out by taking on different abilities, and even chaining them to interact with the environment and solve puzzles. The CPU characters especially are super helpful if you seem stuck in one place in a level – they’ll usually move around and enact what needs to be done, whether it’s lighting a fuse or hitting a switch.

There are a number of different abilities that Kirby can make use of, including a bunch of elemental ones; some of which die-hard Kirby fans will definitely recognise. You can find abilities lying around for you to grab, or you can use Kirby’s old trick of absorbing enemy powers by sucking them into your mouth.

Kirby Star Allies is a puzzle-platformer, and the bosses at the end of the lengthy worlds are fun to take on, particularly if you’re playing with friends or family. Kirby, like Mario and Link before him, is easily recognisable as a friendly, cute character that’s instantly loveable, and that comes across in the accessible gameplay.

Star Allies is the Kirby game the Switch needs, and is shaping up as a fun new addition to the longstanding franchise.

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