As a bit (*cough*) of a LEGO fan, I’ve always enjoyed the games – despite their occasional, erm, “issues”. However, now that I can play them in co-op with my six-year-old nephew, they’ve become even more dear to me.

It was a monumental occasion. As we’d (naturally!) already seen the movie, the spoiler-heavy The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame received the honour of being James and my first full playthrough together of a LEGO game over several sessions, right from start to finish.

Except we didn’t get to the finish.

Now, as alluded to in the introduction, as entertaining as they are, LEGO games often come with some unexpected bonuses – bugs and crashes. The latter aren’t a huge problem, and little progress is usually lost. I’ve also never experienced an actual game-breaking bug… until now.

There’s a point in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame where you are tasked with building a radio beacon for a lost explorer. You drop the bucks and it’s done – but then you have to fling some of Jay’s electrical juice into the thing to power it up, yielding a coveted golden brick. Ah, but if you don’t do it at that time and leave the area of the game, when you return later it’s glitched and cannot be completed! As such, the game itself simply cannot be completed.

LEGO bugs

A subsequent internet check revealed dozens of other people who have experienced the same crippling bug, and on different console formats. Yet it remains unfixed.

Bugs happen, sure. But usually they’re zapped quicker than Louie the Fly leading an (obviously ill-conceived) raid on the Mortein factory. This game has already had a patch applied, which apparently didn’t address this much-noted fault (or the insanely arduous loading times, but that’s another story).

As makers of games aimed at kids, long-time LEGO game developers TT Games have a responsibility to playtest their releases to the nth degree. They have obviously failed in that duty here. Will a fix be forthcoming? Or will they just suggest playing through again (and possibly encountering some other peculiar game-killing bug)?

While I’m royally peed off that the game sits one golden brick short of completion, I’m more upset at the disappointment that it’s brought to James. After goodness knows how many years playing them, I can understand games being broken. But try explaining this to a six-year-old – and why he can’t have his much-anticipated first ever platinum trophy to reward his effort.

Hopefully they get LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 right, for yes, likes flies to smelly stuff we’ll be back.

UPDATE 16/11/17: A patch was released today which fixes the radio beacon bug that inspired this blog post. James will be a happy little guy.  🙂

LEGO bugs

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