Gone are the days when the closest you would come to re-enacting Grievous vs Obi-wan was with a couple of $12 plastic lightsabers.

Lenovo have just introduced the Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR Headset, and it’s pretty much every budding Jedi’s dream come true. It’s an augmented reality headset, which differs from virtual reality in that you’ll see a Droideka standing (rolling?) in front of you in the room rather than being thrown into a completely simulated environment.

As well as a headset, you’ll get a trusty lightsaber hilt (minus actual piercing lightsaber – Kyber crystals aren’t cheap) that will let you take on lightsaber battles in augmented reality. You’ll be able to battle Kylo Ren and Darths Vader and Maul among others, deflecting blasters and blocking strikes, and feedback on the lightsaber will let you know when you’ve been hit.

Arguably the best feature is holochess. Yep – you can play a proper game (as seen on Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon) and command your 3D chess monsters around the table to claim galactic victory on a much smaller scale. It’s all part of a galaxy of worlds that each lets you play a different game type – just not so far, far away this time. Once you play a level, the next one unlocks, and you make your way through.

Awaken your inner Jedi with Lenovo’s new Jedi Challenges AR Headset, and may the Force be with you.

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