We look at the wired Lucid Sound LS25 esports gaming headsets.

Despite reviewing headsets for STACK on a regular basis, I’m generally a creature of habit when it comes to the set I use at home; if I find one that I like, it becomes a companion for some time. Audio Technica has long been my headset of choice, but when a set of wireless LS40s turned up on the desk a few years back, a headset more in the budget range, inexplicably, I adopted them. The audio was surprisingly good for the price range and I found the large volume setting wheel on the right cup easy to access for moments when the in-game audio increased unexpectedly. And the padded cups were a perfect fit for my lugholes.

So, when the wired LS25s turned up late last year, I was eager to check them out. Again, these are priced in the affordable end of the market. The company has opted to go big with these, more in line with the larger cup size traditionally associated with gaming headsets. The large plush pads combined with cups that swivel and a padded headband make for a comfortable fit. I wore these for long periods of play without any noticeable fatigue. These come with a detachable boom mic and an in-built one, too. Thankfully, the volume control is still on the cup; you simply press it to mute the mic.

But what about the all-important sound quality? For the price, it’s excellent. Across a varied selection of gaming titles, the LS25s deliver a consistent, balanced sound, and to be honest, that’s all I’m after. I didn’t notice any distortion, just a consistent quality of audio that, I feel, punches above its weight. And to boot, music sounds superb through them too. The LS25s can be used on all gaming setups currently out there. For the record, I trialled them on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

So, to summarise, the LS25s are a good buy for the price bracket. Comfort and fit score well, and the sound belies the price tag. With so many headsets on the market at all ends of the scale, if you’re shooting for something in the middle, keep the LS25s in frame.

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