We’ve known that the already wondrously sprawling world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was getting the DLC ‘Expansion Pack’ treatment. Now we also know what’s coming this winter in the first of two instalments.

For starters, ‘The Master Trials’ introduces two new modes. If you’re finding it all a bit of a doddle (smarty pants!), then ‘Hard’ mode will be for you. Your enemies will gradually regain strength, so you’ll need to whack ’em quickly. They’ll also all start life powered up an extra level, and may also appear from floating platforms above you. Eep!

Then there’s the very cool ‘Hero’s Path’ mode. This introduces a new map feature, which tracks your last 200 hours (gee, is that all?!) of progress in Hyrule. It will be a great way to work out both where you’ve been and where you’re yet to explore.

Speaking of map features, a ‘Travel Medallion’ will now be secreted away in a chest – somewhere. Nab it and you’ll be able to set up a super-handy fast travel point to anywhere within Breath of the Wild that you want.

In other new chesty news, eight new caches will be out there full of classic Zelda game themed armour, including Tingle and Majora’s Mask. If that isn’t enough, the ‘Korok Mask’ will also now be findable. When worn it will function as a Korok finder, helping you track down the 900 or so that are dotted throughout Breath of the Wild.

Feel like a spot of horde annihilation? Then get busy with ‘Trial of the Sword’. Very busy, as waves of enemies will assail you relentlessly. Make it through some 45 rooms alive and the true power of the Master Sword will be woken up – meaning it will stay in its very handy glowing state.

Available for both Nintendo’s Switch and Wii U releases of Breath of the Wild, that should keep us all very busy in Hyrule until the second expansion hits. That will be even later this year, and will apparently include a new dungeon and extra story content.

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