Netgear’s new XR500 gaming router is headed down under. 

You have to hand it to Netgear. Not only do they design and build quality routers, but they also add a distinct element of panache to the final aesthetic, too. This is the case for the new Nighthawk XR500 gaming router, officially launched in Australia at an event in Sydney recently. Gamers will have no qualms at all about leaving this in full view and not tucked away out of sight – it’s a stunning design.

With a rich heritage in home networking, Netgear have made the logical step in bringing to market a router specifically targeted at PC and console gamers. Senior Vice President of Netgear Consumer Home Products, David Henry tells STACK that they consulted the gaming community and industry before – and during – work on the router, focusing on optimising the consumer’s gaming experience. While the under the hood specifics pack a powerful punch (more on this when we get our review unit), it’s the software component that makes the XR500 stand out from the pack.

Harnessing the nous of Netduma’s Dumas OS is an ingenious move. The level of customisation on this operating system is phenomenal. Here users can allocate bandwidth to devices connected to the network, apportioning more to your console or PC and restricting potential lag in your games. Additionally, the software’s Geo-Filter allows gamers to set their own parameters for a connection to a closer server.

This is barely scratching the surface with what the operating system is capable of.  There’s a lot to get your head around, but having unprecedented customisation at your fingertips is an exciting proposition. For a consumer router aimed at the gaming market, this is pressing all the right buttons.

We’re due to get our hands on an XR500 shortly – look out for a review in the coming months in STACK.

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