A portable and easy-to-store racing experience from the masters of immersion is now on hand – meet the Lite Wheel Stand

Car racing peripherals have come a long way since the Tomy Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard. Now, with a reasonable budget, you can get a solid rig for home or office for that total racing sim experience. One such purveyor of racing frames is Next Level Racing. We use one of the company’s full-sized rigs in the office already and it’s quite the conversation starter for visitors. Early last month we received the Next Level Racing Lite Wheel Stand to review. Designed to be incorporated with any existing chair in the house, this is the perfect solution for folks with limited space or those looking for portability. The unit comes largely assembled straight from the box, so there’s little fiddling about with the construction for the fumble fingers amongst us. The frame is pre-drilled to take the wheels of popular third-party racing brands, and we trialed it with Thrustmaster’s T300 RS GT racing wheel and the T3PA pedals. The quality frame is sturdy considering the single post build, and the height and the angle on the pedal plate is completely adjustable. There is also an included gear stick plate that can be moved to either the left or the right hand side. The manufacturer claims that the stand can be folded down in ten seconds, and with a bit of practice this would probably be possible. In summary, the Next Level Racing Lite Wheel Stand is a an excellent solution for gamers looking to increase their racing experience but have limited space and storage capacity.

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