Bear with me for a sec – there’s something grinding my gears about Nintendo’s latest console. 

In this day and age, esports is growing at such a rate that game developers are taking into consideration how their titles will play out competitively, specifically in tournaments. Peripheral companies like Corsair and Turtle Beach are working with esports athletes to tailor-make their devices for a more balanced and finely-tuned instrument.

And yet, at the hands-on event on Saturday, there was only one thing I kept noticing about the Switch – the Joy-Cons. Each Nintendo Switch console comes boxed with two Joy-Cons, whether they’re the Neon Red and Blue versions or your standard Grey ones. One thing you will notice, however, is that the left and right Joy-Cons aren’t identical.

(exhibit A.)

So here’s my dilemma – surely if you’re competing against someone in the same game with a controller that is almost-the-same-but-not-quite, there’s a disadvantage somewhere? I understand that in professional tournaments an easy way to counteract that is to simply have all participants use either a Left or Right Joy-Con, but surely that’s more work than it’s worth. And for that matter; in the highly-competitive market that is the Lounge Room – and likely Nintendo’s largest – co-op play will take a hit. “I only lost because I was using (the other) Joy-Con!” is a phrase I can see igniting household arguments and dividing families for the years to come. All one would have to do would be to flip the switch.