We did it, folks – we survived Day #1 of PAX Australia 2016!

The first day of any convention always manages to be the most hectic – working out your bearings, finding maps, remembering where everything is, and scouting the cheapest food.

PAX is, of course, no different. We rocked up this morning for a tour of the immense and astounding OMEN by HP booth, where they were showing off their absolute behemoth of a desktop computer – the OMEN X. It has two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080s for crying out loud!

We headed off to the wonderful Major Nelson’s opening Keynote, and then had the privilege of catching up with him for an interview later in the day. The man is a gift to the gaming world.

We also took time to check out the Influence of Influencers panel, which included a couple of local Twitch streamers speaking about their experiences in the industry and what it takes to get people to listen to you. Their advice? Be yourself, and love what you do – people can tell when you’re putting on a persona, and they’ll be less likely to pay attention to you if you are.

To round out the day, we caught up with Twitch streamer DYoshiiTV, who was generous enough to provide us with a round-up of his day’s activities.

Until tomorrow, kids. Don’t forget to follow us on our socials to keep up to date!