It’s done. It’s over. 

We survived. PAX Australia 2016 has officially closed its doors, and we’re all left to wait until tickets for next year’s bonanza go on sale.

We spent our Sunday moseying around with the rest of the crowds that have been zombified and imbued with alcohol over the last few days, wandering around looking for a last minute bargain or a panel to pep them up.

We found ourselves in the PC Freeplay area, lining up with the hordes that have travelled from near and far to do the exact same thing they could be doing in the comfort of their homes. A loss in ARAM, and we were on our way.

A favourite panel of the weekend would have been the boys at 28 Plays Later. They had the room in fits of giggles following one particular phone call to Paul’s lovely father. Pick up their CD and check out their podcast when you’ve got a sec – it’s well worth it.

To close out the day, we were lucky enough to wander on over to the PAX Rising Arcade and check out the indie titles – most notably The American Dream. It’s proper ‘Murican fun.

Booth of the weekend would definitely have to go to Microsoft’s Xbox and Omen collab. From the massive OMEN X desktop to the smaller laptops, and even Xbox’s best line-up in history, the booth was always packed to the brim whenever we wandered past.

Finally, check out DYoshiiTV’s final day round up. Thanks for journeying with us. Until next year, MCEC.