Razer – as always – put on an impressive show at the booth this year. 

Arguably the most exciting thing on the Razer booth this year was their new Kiyo – a webcam with a built-in light. It’s got 12 levels of brightness so you can adjust it as you see fit, and will output 720p video at 60FPS. It’s one of those ideas that makes you wonder why someone hasn’t thought of it before. The tech company also recently announced a more compact Seiren mic – the Seiren X – which has an inbuilt shock mount and comes with its own little desk stand. Both a must-have for anyone looking to get into the streaming market.

For those gamers simply looking to improve their setup, Razer are bringing out a bunch of new console accessories too. We copped a look at the new Thresher headsets for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – now that Razer are licensed to produce headsets for both – and also the new Xbox One controller Wolverine Ultimate. It’s even Chroma enabled, for crying out loud. It’s super customisable too, with interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pads, and a whole host of bumpers on the back. Of course, they’ve still got the Raiju if you’re on PS4.

We also got to see the Overwatch branded materials in the flesh, and get a feel for the impeccable Ornata Chroma – Australia’s best-selling keyboard. Razer have some bumper releases on the horizon.