I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – Skyrim VR is going to be my new favourite game, I can feel it.

Right, as most of you know I’m slightly obsessed with Tamriel – specifically Skyrim. Still to this day haven’t worked out why, but I’m not bothered – Skyrim can take my soul. Everyone has that one game, and turns out this one is mine.

To set the stage – I’ve got 200-odd hours in Skyrim on PS3, and close to 100 on the Special Edition on PS4. It’s bad. And yet, I still can’t wait to play both the Switch and the PS VR versions when they come out. While I’m yet to try out the motion controls on the Switch, I did thankfully get the chance to check the game out on PS VR at PAX Aus this past weekend – and boy was I stoked.

In the demo, you get thrown onto the side of a mountain outside Bleak Falls Barrow. You work out that the Move button on the front of the controller is your teleporter, and away you go, blinking up the hill like a cross between Tracer and an angry Norweigan backpacker with Laryngitis. We had an Iron Sword and Flames at our disposal, and there is just something about taking out a Bandit with your own hands that makes it one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. I was the Dragonborn.

Anyone who knows their Skyrim will realised that Bleak Falls Barrow is the beginning of the Golden Claw quest, where you have to go into the dungeon, slay the giant frostbite spider, and (spoilers) play cat and mouse with Arvel the Swift. The spider especially makes great use of the 3D element of VR with scale – it’s enormous, much like some of the demons in the DOOM VFR demo from QuakeCon.

It’s probably worth noting that I’ve never had problems with motion sickness or feeling ill in PS VR, but this ‘teleporting’ method of moving probably isn’t for everyone. It isn’t jittery or anything, and you’re in control of the movements, but the sudden displacement may not sit well with some.

I had a smile on my face the whole way. From setting bandits on fire to slashing down a huge frostbite spider as if I were actually holding a sword, walking around as the Dragonborn is an experience unlike any other. I can’t wait for the full game to launch – I wonder how it feels to ride a Dragon in VR?

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