If you’ve been eagerly following all the hype surrounding VR, but haven’t yet had the chance to experience it yourself, looks like this year’s PAX will be your best bet.

For the first time, this PAX Aus 2016 will play host to a dedicated VR Freeplay Area – a 234 square metre space located on level 2 of MCEC.

“VR dominates the headlines, yet most people have never had the chance to try it out,” said Jerry Holkins, co-founder of Penny Arcade and PAX. “Trying that technology for the first time is a magical experience, and we’re glad to offer that moment to the tens of thousands of attendees coming to PAX Aus.”

The setup will include HTC Vives, Oculus Rifts, and PlayStation VR headsets, as well as Omni treadmills – yeah, VR treadmills.

If you haven’t already grabbed your badges, there are a limited number of Friady, Saturday and Sunday single-passes available, so get in quick before they all sell out – it’s cheaper than buying your own VR headset, after all.