We still actually use the LS30s at home on a second console, so when the opportunity arose to get our hands on LucidSound’s LS41s, we leapt in with both ears.

Amongst the regulars at retail, LucidSound is a lesser-known brand of gaming headset, but one that gamers should definitely take note of because they’re building an excellent reputation for delivering a premium-end product.

The 41s bear a similarity to the 40s, although the ear cup structure has been redesigned. Now featuring an oval shape, the fabric-covered gel-cooled memory foam cups offer a firm yet comfortable fit. Again – and we love this design aspect – the cups have a rotating dial for volume and mute, while the left side also sports the power button, a dock for the detachable mic, micro USB charging port, and a 3.5 jack. The right side features preset EQ modes.

An improved battery purportedly lasts for up to 20 hours (we didn’t play long enough with them to test this before write-up). Sound-wise, LucidSound have brought better bass to the party this time, while the 7.1 surround sound is exceptional, enabling the wearer to easily pinpoint audio cues within the game. The headset easily connects wirelessly via a dongle for PS4, PC and Switch, although for Xbox, you’ll need to connect via the controller and, for that reason, the LS 35Xs is probably a better choice.

Aesthetically, they’re a winner. The stitching delivers a lux finish to the headset and this eye for detail and top-end grade extends to the build quality too. We call LS41s the silent achievers and we’d certainly recommend keeping these in mind if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current gaming headset.

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