The Nacon Rev Pro Unlimited is a controller for those who are looking for a competitive edge.

The Rev Pro Unlimited is the sequel to the 2016 PlayStation 4 third-party controller, and positions itself for the PS4 as the Elite is for the Xbox One. Speaking of the Elite, Nacon has implemented asymmetrical thumbsticks on this design – a feature that many PS4 users have long called for.

The Pro Unlimited is an improved version of the Pro 2 model. It boasts USB-C connectivity and is compatible with PCs, too, for good measure. This time, you can customise the left stick as well as the right stick.

The D-pad can be altered to receive inputs in either four or eight directions, and the software has also been updated to allow more freedom in how you decide to customise the hardware. Triggers and buttons can be mapped, and the actuation force on the triggers can be changed as well. The controller has a choice of four profiles, which you can customise with button mapping to encompass certain games or game types.

The original Nacon Revolution Pro 2 sold over 250,000 units as one of the first – and best – third-party controllers available for the PS4. The Pro Unlimited will undoubtedly follow suit.

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