When it comes to online gaming, for best performance it isn’t a case of any router in a storm. You need a unit that provides optimum performance, like the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300.

The key to its ability to improve the online gaming experience lies in its ability to optimise your network, via dramatically reducing lag. No matter what you use for online gaming, be it PC, console or mobile, the XR300 offers a performance boost, especially if you’re used to a standard internet provider-supplied router.

Log into the XR300 dashboard and see real-time bandwidth utilisation by the various devices hooked into your network, along with ping and other parameters. You may be surprised what is and isn’t slurping up your available net speed. An extension of this function is ‘Quality of Service’, or ‘QoS’ for short. This allows the user to allocate bandwidth by specific device, as well as controlling maximum upload and download speeds.

There’s more to the control that the XR300 gives you, though. Particularly handy for gamers is the unit’s geo-filter. This neat feature allows the user to limit distance to available servers and players – in other words, you can guarantee a localised connection, rather than being pinballed all around the globe, which usually leads to slowdown.

Connections-wise, the XR300 features four gigabit ports, as well as super-fast – up to 1750Mbps – 802.11ac WiFi tech, with extended range to send signal all over even larger homes. Whether you opt for wired or wireless connection, once set up how you want, you’ll wonder how you ever gamed without it.

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