When you’re gaming, one of the last hassles that you want to distract you is wires. Wireless controllers are now the norm, and a set of wireless headphones – like Sennheiser’s GSP 370 or GSP 670 – can really help set you free.

That being said, if you want to have a cable connection, or need to charge on the fly, these two headsets give you the option via a 1.5m detachable USB cable.

Being in the same family, both the GSP 370 and GSP 670 have similar features – but what are the differences?

While the functionality of the GSP 370 will delight most gamers, those looking to turn everything up to 11 will love the extra oomph that the higher end GSP 670 offers.

Basically, this comes in the form of extra low and high frequency response, both via the speakers and the inbuilt mic, while the ability to seamlessly take calls while you’re busy gaming is a great bonus. The trade-off? Price is a consideration, of course, plus the higher spec GSP 670 unit does weigh in at around 114 grams more than the GSP 370, yet still remains light at a mere 398 grams.

Rounding out the package are separate in-chat and audio volume wheels, as well as customisable contact pressure with a smart metal hinge system that ensures comfort.

Both headsets also feature inbuilt, broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphones, and are compatible with the Sennheiser Gaming Suite PC software, offering all manner of sound customisation, and the ability to fire up awesome 7.1 Surround Sound.

The GSP 670 offers up an impressive 20-hour battery life, while the GSP 370 delivers an incredible ~100 hours from a single charge.

As for compatability, both the GSP 370 and GSP 670 are suitable for use with PC, Mac, PS4 and Bluetooth supporting devices.

Gaming headset shoppers are spoiled for choice, but many will find it hard to go past these two offerings from one of the best names in audio, Sennheiser.

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