Turtle Beach are confidently billing their Elite Atlas Aero PC gaming headset as “the ultimate wireless gaming headset for PC gamers and streamers”. So, what does it offer?

The aim is for high performance, whether playing to win, streaming, or just playing for fun. This starts with 30-hours or more of life from the internal rechargable battery.

Then there’s Turtle Beach’s PC desktop software Control Studio – developed in conjunction with the renowned Waves people which allows a crazy level of customisation to get your sound just how you like it. It delivers an awesome virtual soundfield that plops you right in the midst of your chosen game’s world. This is aided by the slick tech within – including impressive 50mm “Nanoclear” speakers.

One of the coolest settings is “Superhuman Hearing, which allows you to pick up the subtlest of sounds, such as enemy footsteps and weapon reloads.

It’s also about the sound that people hear at the other end though. You don’t want your message to be lost in a sea of garbled blah, and the Elite Atlas Aero’s high-sensitivity “TruSpeak Technology” microphone delivers perfectly clear chat. If you just want to play without chatting, the mic is handily removable.

Turtle Beach Atlas Aero

When you purchase a premium headset you expect comfort, and the Elite Atlas Aero succeeds to this end. Even if you wear glasses, you’ll find that the headset’s earcups adjust to accommodate them, without leaving you stuck with that squeezy feeling that specs wearers are all too used to in lesser products.

The comfort side of things is also aided considerably by the gel-infused earcups which, in conjunction with the light (but durable) metal headband with floating head pad, means you won’t feel weighed down by your headset.

Another cool feature of the Elita Atlas Aero comes in the buttons on the headset. While the usual volume controls and mic mute feature, there are also two remappable buttons, so your fave features are always where you want them – right at your fingertips. Plus, both chat and game volume are separately controllable.

Whether your weapon of choice is PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac or even mobile, Turtle Beach’s Elite Atlas Aero has you covered if you’re after a primo gaming headset.

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