fifa17_ps4_se_anzRelease Date: 29/09/16

Platform: PS4 | XBO | PS3 | 360

Another FIFA game? It’s going to be just like last year’s, but with a different cover star, right?

Dear sir or madam, you couldn’t be more wrong! This year’s model sees FIFA given its biggest overhaul since 2007, with EA basically rebooting the whole enchilada. This doesn’t mean that established fan favourites such as player and manager careers have been booted though. Gameplay mechanics, modes and visuals have been enhanced – the latter incredibly so, thanks to EA’s natty graphical powerhouse the Frostbite engine. Then, of course, there’s the online world of FIFA Ultimate Team, where you can take your team (or teams) to the ultimate glory – well, if you’re good enough! This is just one facet of the vast array of connectivity in FIFA 17, all handled through the EA Sports Football Club network. The biggest new arrival of all, though, is a story mode. Dubbed ‘The Journey’, you’re young wannabe Alex Hunter, trying to make your name in the cutthroat world of English football. Your actions on and off the pitch affect your career progression, adding a whole new level to what many already regard as one of the greatest soccer games ever. Just watch out for Borussia Dortmund’s Marco ‘Woody’ Reus hurtling at you on the cover.

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