ffxv_packshot_ps4_2d_anzRelease Date: 29/11/16

Platform: PS4 | XBO

Action RPGs come and go, but none hold the cachet of Final Fantasy. It’s been 10 years coming, but this 15th iteration of the venerable Japanese series promises to make the wait worthwhile. Not only does it look utterly stunning, but with its open world and darker vibe it’s also poised to deliver wild gameplay. We’re spirited away to the world of Eos (no, smarty, it doesn’t take place in a Volkswagen) where the Nilfheim empire controls every country bar one. Ticked off that you’re next, you – as Noctis Lucis Caelum, child of Latin lovers and heir to the Lucian throne – set about keeping your land and your funky magic crystal from grabbing Nilfheim hands.

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