Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced the return of the Project Cars series with a sequel. 

Set for release sometime later this year, Project Cars 2 will invite players to take on online opponents – or AI – and supports VR and up to 12K graphics.

“We are delighted to be back working with Slightly Mad Studios on a project as important as this one,” said Hervé Hoerdt of Bandai Namco Europe. “Project Cars‘ success serves to show that there will always be room for games that bring together passion and expertise. This second episode will be an opportunity to offer new sensations to the entire fan base and beyond.”

“We’re excited by the significant advances we’ve made in the physics and mechanical underpinnings of each of our 170-plus cars. That, along with a vastly enriched climate and weather simulation system on all 60-plus tracks, and new simulated surfaces—dirt, ice, snow, and mud—makes Project Cars 2 by far the most authentic and immersive racing sim we’ve ever created,” offered Stephen Viljoen, Game Director on Project Cars 2.