While he was here for Xbox Fan Fest last week, we had a brief chat with Chuck Osieja, creative director at The Coalition, about Gears of War 4

Did you get to have much consultation with Epic Games?

Chuck Osieja: Yeah, we did actually. We already had had a good relationship with them, and then when they sold the Gears franchise to Microsoft we got to spend a bunch of time with them.  There’s a lot of knowledge in ten years, and those guys were generous with the amount of time they spent with us, helping us and giving us feedback on design ideas and production and stuff.  Yeah, they were fun to work with.




Will we revisit any places from the original games?

CO: Yes and no. There’s the 20 minute kind of intro sequence, which is a way to get a new players up to speed. So in that case yes, the intro includes somewhere you may recognise, but the rest of the world is heavily European-inspired, specifically Western Europe. It’s great.

What was it like to get to work with Ramin Djawadi on the soundtrack?

CO: Amazing.  He is one of the most accomplished composers ever created. He was definitely somebody who really nailed the sound and the atmosphere we were after. It was a nice privilege for us because he’s really, again, somebody who deals in fantasy and this kid of thing all the time. His stuff is really powerful.


Finally, where do you see the series going from here?

CO: Well, I think that’s the exciting part of bringing Gears back to life. I think this is the kind of story that’s compelling. What I’m excited about is seeing the fans’ response to the game, and seeing their questions and their reactions and going from there.  There’s a bunch of stuff that happens over the course of the game that I think is going to create a lot of discussion, and we’re really keen to see that unfold. It’s really exciting.

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