Razer have taken a step in the direction of style with their newest gaming mouse, the Lancehead.

Continuing the well-established tradition of naming their gaming mice after snakes, Razer’s Lancehead is a wireless, ambidextrous gaming mouse (that also comes in a wired Tournament Edition for extra, lag-free piece of mind). It’s great for such a high-end gaming mouse to be available for both lefties and righties.

It features Razer’s 16,000 DPI tracking at an over-the-top 210 inches per second, and also boasts Razer’s mechanical switches developed in conjunction with Omron for some of the best available on the market today. Of course, it also features Razer’s trademark Chroma lighting, with up to 16.8 million colour combinations available, and using Synapse (Razer’s computer software) you can even sync it up with your other Razer gear. Being the advanced bit of kit that it is, you can even store your profiles on-board – offline – so you don’t need to be connected to your synapse software to use it.

“The Lancehead is well worth the investment.”

It’s got a 2.1m braided USB cable that can be plugged in to charge (while you’re using it) which fits snugly under the scroll wheel. The design on this thing really is calculated. Your USB connection when using the mouse wirelessly also has its own little compartment in the base of the mouse – a nice touch. You’ll get around 24 hours of battery life out of the Lancehead, which isn’t a long time but it’s enough to get you through a couple of days without charging at least.

Possibly the most appealing aspect of the Lancehead is its looks. It’s got a matte grey finish and an ultra-responsive scroll wheel with little ridges on the top that really make all the difference. Though the vents at the front are non-functioning, it’s a nice design touch, and quite frankly I don’t think I’ve seen a better looking mouse that isn’t only extremely well designed, but has the bite to match the bark. The Lancehead is well worth the investment.