Need a new Xbox One controller but don’t want to fork out for an Elite? The Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition is for you.

Featuring full compatibility with both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition is a wired controller that will give you the edge over your opponents.

The Wolverine TE is similar to your standard Xbox One controller – except with a few enhancements. You have access to two additional multi-function bumpers, as well as two more extra buttons on the inside of each left and right grip. The controller is wired to ensure there are no dropouts, and is lightweight and shaped just the way you’re used to; no different configurations or other weird third-party adjustments to get accustomed to.

Razer offer a full 12 month warranty – the longest on the market – with this controller, but it’s unlikely you’ll need it, as it’s built to withstand gamer’s rage. The triggers on the left and right also have trigger stop switches on the back for shorter draw distances.

One of the more fascinating parts about the Wolverine TE is its Chroma enabled lighting. You’ll have to set it up with Synapse on a PC, but you can then have your controller glowing with 16.8 million colour combinations in-game – as if you needed any more distractions.

The Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition does everything your original Xbox One controller does – just a little bit better.

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