Corsair’s K55 RGB gaming keyboard is a solid bet for anyone looking for an entry-level model.

The K55 RGB is one of your more user-friendly, won’t-scare-you-with-too-many-buttons Corsair keyboards. Boasting fully customisable RGB lighting and quiet, responsive keys, it’s a great buy for anyone looking to ease themselves into the market – perhaps for a console gaming extraordinaire looking to make the jump to PC?

One of the first things that hits you when you unbox one of the K55s is the sleek and sophisticated design. It’s not over-the-top, but it doesn’t look like a budget option either; it fits somewhere in between.

Then you plug it in. Corsair’s K55 features impressive, backlit RGB lighting, offering 16.8 million colour combinations for you to customise to your requirements, with three individual zones for maximum personalisation.

The keys themselves are anti-ghosting, and are supremely quiet – none of that annoying clicking you’ll find in a mechanical keyboard.

The legs beneath the keyboard provide a more stable platform for you to kick butt, and there’s a detachable wrist rest, making for a surprisingly sharp duo for the price. However, it would be more logical for the wrist rest to be integrated into the keyboard, as we don’t see anyone opting to go without it. It’s also covered in a smooth rubbery surface that guarantees comfort.

If that wasn’t enough, Corsair’s K55 boasts six customisable macro keys for you to set up your own combinations. Whether you opt for super complex key bindings or the more simple one-key configurations, the macros make life a lot easier. It’s even got its own set of multimedia controls that eliminates fumbling around with your headset in-line controls.

All up, with its sophisticated design and no bells and whistles set-up, the K55 is a great gaming keyboard for those looking for an entry level model. Add the macro keys on the side and the multimedia controls for your music, and there’s not much better bang for your buck.