ffxv_packshot_ps4_2d_anzRelease Date: 29/11/16

Platform: PS4 | XBO

Stand by me.

As an almost lifelong fan of the Final Fantasy series, I’ve watched it grow and change and innovate to the point where the only thing connecting each title is the first half of its name. But FFXV has changed that. Squenix, in their attempts to recapture the magic of what makes FF so special, has decided to stray off their well-beaten path, to try something new, and has been rewarded with finding the prize they had been searching for these past years.

Heart. Feeling. Connection. And a storyline that can be followed by most children.

Noctis, our J-pop avatar protagonist, is king. But there is an empire between himself and his throne, an empire that broke a treaty and assassinated his father. His bride-to-be and potential key to the end of conflict in the world is somewhere out there, so Noctis and his cohort of friends, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus have hopped into the sleekest, classiest car in the gaming world, and have set out on their epic adventure.

Fans of the series will recognise the chocobos, and some of the monsters, and the stylin’ hair, but that’s where the similarities will end. Combat has changed drastically, blending the likes of Devil May Cry and Crisis Core to create a chaotic and easy to learn/hard to master system that looks great and plays even better. Experience is no longer earned after each battle – instead, experience accumulates and is rewarded when the team settles down for the night, and believe me, you’ll want to find a bed when the sun goes down. For the night is dark and full of demons a good twenty levels higher then you.

Prepare for a new kind of adventure, because Final Fantasy XV has changed everything about the franchise. Everything, except the hair.

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