Logitech’s latest keyboard is taking it to the pros – but what will they think of it?

Logitech’s Pro Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that was developed in conjunction with esports players. Boasting Romer G mechanical switches – 25 per cent faster than other mechanical switches on the market – the Pro is one of the most responsive keyboards you can get. They’ve also got a tiny 1.5mm actuation, which means you’ll spend less time pressing keys and more time raining justice from above. The keys themselves are rated for 70 million keystrokes, too, so you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

One thing you will notice about the Pro is how tiny it is. It’s got what’s called a ‘tenkeyless’ design, meaning it’s missing the number keys from the right hand side, chopping a considerable chunk off the keyboard. It makes sense given that you’d rarely use those keys when gaming, but if you’re using this hardware for anything else, you might notice the difference.

Of course, in this day and age, what would a gaming keyboard be without customisable RGB lighting? Logitech has you covered, with 16.8 million colour combinations available for you to mess around with, and that’s not to mention the built-in gaming profiles. Enabling automatic game detection in Logitech’s gaming software will let you pick up and play over 300 preset games with the keys at your fingertips – literally. It’s even got room for onboard profile storage – perfect for gamers on the go.

With a detachable USB cable for easy transport, and a lightweight design, the Pro is great for esports professionals that are always on the road.

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