Bored of your run-of-the-mill PS4 controller and want an edge over your opponents? Try the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller.

Designed with esports athletes and pro gamers in mind, Nacon’s Revolution Pro Controller for PS4 is a little different to your standard DualShock 4. The first thing you’ll notice when you pick it up is that it has the opposed analogue stick design of an Xbox controller. For those that prefer the Xbox controller setup, this is a bonus, but as someone who has grown up with PlayStation configuration it took a bit of getting used to.

Stepping aside from the sticks, the controller itself has a couple of extra paddles on the back, which can be customised to up to four profiles for you to choose between – you could set up an RPG one, an FPS one, that kind of thing. They’re quite ‘handy’, and something you don’t think you’ll need until you have the privilege of using a controller that makes use of them.

The wired controller also comes complete with exchangeable weights, with two each of 10, 14, and 17g weights included for you to customise the weight of your controller to your needs. The triggers on the top are even adjustable, so you have almost limitless options when it comes to customisation.

You’ve still got the staples of a normal DualShock 4 – the touchpad, the buttons on the right, the Start/Options buttons, and the headset jack, but it’s almost been reskinned as an Xbox Elite controller.

If you’ve seen the Elite controller, you’ll know that it’s a beast, and this is probably as close as you’re gonna get on the PS4.

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