Game Director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed a Server Browser feature is coming to Overwatch

Announced at BlizzCon and finally headed to the game, a server browser will allow players to scroll through available lobbies in their region and pick which one they’d like to join.

The server browser will include a search function, which will let you filter by map or game mode, or you can just plain old search for keywords like Ilios or King’s Row or payload. How cool!

Kaplan went into a lot of detail on custom games, and how much control people will have when creating them: turning Heroes on or off, turning Hero abilities on or off, selecting maps, changing how fast the capture percentage accrues – there are so many variables. AND – you gain EXP in custom games.

Oh yeah, and the Year of the Rooster’s capture the flag is staying. More maps are being added, too.

See for yourself. Overwatch just keeps on growing.

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