According to the packaging, Nintendo Labo – the fusion of gaming and origami for the Switch console – is aimed at those aged six and up. So, STACK grabbed a handy six-year-old, James, to see how he went with it.

The aim was to construct the simplest ‘Toy-Con’ in the Labo Variety Pack, an “RC car” that James reckons – and we agree – looks more like a bug, or “buggy”. Either that or an escaped computer chip.

To be fair, Nintendo do claim that some adult assistance may be required, but we scarcely had to step in with construction of the buggy. If you’re looking for fun school holiday activities, this could be a good one to add to your list.

So, watch as young James takes on the might of Nintendo Labo, and lets loose his elephantine creation (that he has since given a makeover, see below) on the world. Well, the dining table. Little steps!

Nintendo Labo - buggy

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